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Player has retired.
ST Vitamin.gif
Background Information
NameLee Hyung-jun (이형준)
Country of BirthSouth Korea South Korea
Favorite Champs

Competitive IDsVita
Soloqueue IDsKT Vitamin, StarTale Vitamin
Team History
Oct 2011 - Jan 2012
Startalelogo std.pngStarTale
Jan 2012 - Apr 2012
Startalelogo std.pngStarTale
Oct 2012 - May 2013
KT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolster A
Dec 2014 - Apr 2015
Anarchylogo std.pngAnarchy
??? 2015 - May 2016
Master3logo std.pngMasters 3
May 2016 - Aug 2016
Team KungFulogo std.pngTeam KungFu
Aug 2016 - Mar 2018
Game Talentslogo std.pngGame Talents

Lee "Vitamin" Hyung-jun (Hangul: 이형준) is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously coach for Game Talents.



Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Vitamin Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2017-04-21NQ LPL 2017 Summer Promotion
0 : 3Lgdlogo std.pngLGD
Game Talentslogo std.pngGT Gimgoon,  Xiaoyu,  Republic,  West,  Savoki,  Vitamin
2017-04-166 LPL 2017 Spring - Group B
4 - 12Blanklogo std.pngRR
Game Talentslogo std.pngGT Gimgoon,  WuShuang,  Xiaoyu,  Republic,  Xubin,  West,  PentaQ,  Savoki,  Soulmate,  Vitamin
2016-08-267 - 8 LPL 2016 Summer Playoffs
1 : 3Vicilogo std.pngVG
Game Talentslogo std.pngGT GimGoon,  WuShuang,  Republic,  PentaQ,  City,  Vitamin
2016-08-073 LPL 2016 Summer - Group A
7 - 9Blanklogo std.pngRR
Game Talentslogo std.pngGT GimGoon,  WuShuang,  Republic,  PentaQ,  Savoki,  City,  Vitamin
2016-04-16NQ LPL 2016 Summer Promotion
0 : 3Hyper Youth Gaminglogo std.pngHYG
Master3logo std.pngM3 xy,  yolo,  Raphael,  PentaQ,  Savoki,  Vita
2016-04-106 LPL 2016 Spring - Group A
3 - 13Blanklogo std.pngRR
Master3logo std.pngM3 xy,  Lazarus,  yolo,  Scenery,  Raphael,  PentaQ,  Savoki,  City,  Vita
2015-04-169 - 16 CK 2015 Spring Series 2
0 : 2Logo std.pngHUNG
Anarchylogo std.pngANC Vitamin,  Bubbling,  Mickey,  Sangyoon,  SnowFlower
2015-02-121 CK 2015 Spring Series 1
3 : 2Winnerslogo std.pngWNS
Anarchylogo std.pngANC Vitamin,  Bubbling,  Mickey,  Sangyoon,  SnowFlower
2013-06-159 - 12 Champions 2013 Spring
1-1-3Blanklogo std.pngRR
KT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT A Vitamin,  KaKAO,  Zero,  Hiro,  Me5
2013-06-149 - 12 NLB 2013 Spring
0 : 2Chunnam Techno Universitylogo std.pngCTU
KT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT A Vitamin,  KaKAO,  Zero,  Hiro,  Me5



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