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Loading Screens

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Classic Warwick
Champion Vintage Icon.png Grey Warwick
Champion Vintage Icon.png Urf the Manatee
Big Bad Warwick
Tundra Hunter Warwick
Feral Warwick
Firefang Warwick
Hyena Warwick
Marauder Warwick
Lunar Guardian Warwick 2018 Icon.jpg Lunar Guardian Warwick
Beta Classic Warwick
1st Classic Warwick
2nd Classic Warwick
1st Grey Warwick
2nd Grey Warwick
Urf the Manatee Warwick
1st Big Bad Warwick
2nd Big Bad Warwick
1st Tundra Hunter Warwick
2nd Tundra Hunter Warwick
1st Feral Warwick
2nd Feral Warwick
Firefang Warwick
Hyena Warwick
Marauder Warwick
Lunar Guardian Warwick Ruby
Lunar Guardian Warwick Meteorite
Lunar Guardian Warwick Pearl
Lunar Guardian Warwick Turquoise
Golden Lunar Guardian Warwick 2019 Icon.jpg Lunar Guardian Warwick Golden

Splash Screens

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  • Former Chinese
Classic Warwick
Grey Warwick - Honor Capsules (Formerly through RaF)
Urf the Manatee - 5000/500/50 RpPoints.png
Big Bad Warwick - 520 RpPoints.png
Tundra Hunter Warwick - 520 RpPoints.png
Feral Warwick - 975 RpPoints.png
Firefang Warwick - 975 RpPoints.png
Hyena Warwick - 975 RpPoints.png
Marauder Warwick - 750 RpPoints.png
Urfwick - 150,000 BEPoints.png
Lunar Guardian Warwick - 1350 RpPoints.png
Chroma Pack (780 RpPoints.png)
Special/290/290/290 RpPoints.png
Ruby Swatch.png Meteorite Swatch.png Pearl Swatch.png Turquoise Swatch.png

Chroma Pack (Special Cost)
Golden Swatch.png
1st Classic Warwick (2009-02-21 - 2016-04-20)
2nd Classic Warwick (2016-04-20 - 2017-01-25)
1st Grey Warwick (2009-12-15 - 2012-06-17)
2nd Grey Warwick (2012-06-17 - 2017-01-25)
Urf the Manatee Warwick (2010-04-01 - 2017-01-25)
1st Big Bad Warwick (2010-04-27 - 2016-04-20)
2nd Big Bad Warwick (2016-04-20 - 2017-01-25)
1st Tundra Hunter Warwick (2010-08-16 - 2016-04-20)
2nd Tundra Hunter Warwick (2016-04-20 - 2017-01-25)
1st Feral Warwick (2010-11-16 - 2016-04-20)
2nd Feral Warwick (2016-04-20 - 2017-01-25)
Firefang Warwick (2011-03-29 - 2017-01-25)
Hyena Warwick (2011-12-05 - 2017-01-25)
Marauder Warwick (2015-02-17 - 2017-01-25)
Classic Warwick
Tundra Hunter Warwick
Feral Warwick


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  • Unreleased

In-Game Screenshots

Marauder Warwick
Classic Warwick
Lunar Guardian Warwick
Lunar Guardian Warwick (Golden)

Concept Art

1st concept art
2nd concept art
3rd concept art
4th concept art
5th concept art
6th concept art
7th concept art
8th concept art
9th concept art
10th concept art
11th concept art
12th concept art
13th concept art
14th concept art
15th concept art
16th concept art
17th concept art
18th concept art
19th concept art
20th concept art
21st concept art
22nd concept art
23rd concept art
24th concept art
25th concept art
26th concept art
27th concept art
28th concept art
29th concept art
30th concept art
31st concept art
32nd concept art
33rd concept art
34th concept art
35th concept art
36th concept art
37th concept art
38th concept art
39th concept art