Winter (Chun Chin Wee)/Tournament Results

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Minimum place

Winter (Chun Chin Wee) Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2019-04-04bbbbbbNQ LST 2019 Spring MY & SG National Qualifier
1 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
PathFinderlogo std.pngPF Atup,  Wicked,  Ping,  Krones,  Winter
2018-10-280030003 The Legend Arena: Legends Are Born Here
2 : 1Illuminate.Inclusterlogo std.pngIL.I
Xavier Esportslogo std.pngXAV Skype,  Brush,  Xippo,  ChaNomKaiMook,  Winter,  Buzzard,  Ceb,  z0ey
2018-05-250020002 Beyond Godlike Tournament
0 : 2MEGAlogo std.pngMEGA
Mythus Esportslogo std.pngMYT Skype,  Brush,  Xippo,  Koshka,  Winter,  z0ey
2018-05-070020002 North Impossible
2 : 3Kine Clublogo std.pngKC
Mythus Esportslogo std.pngMYT skype,  brush,  Xippo,  Koshka,  Chastiefol,  Winter,  z0ey
2018-03-150040004 LCM 2018 Spring Playoffs
0 : 3Klhlogo std.pngKLH
SP Gaming Teamlogo std.pngSPG Neko,  Eyebrows,  Arxues,  Deuce,  Winter
2018-03-110040004 LCM 2018 Spring
1-3-3Blanklogo std.pngRR
SP Gaming Teamlogo std.pngSPG Neko,  Seanerino,  Eyebrows,  Arxues,  Deuce,  Winter
2017-07-010050085 - 8 TLC Malaysia 2017 Summer Season
0-2-5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Twicelogo std.pngTwice Alyx,  Whaoo,  Sios,  Winter,  Chan
2017-03-180030003 TLC Malaysia 2017 Spring Season
3 : 2Fire Dragoon Esportslogo std.pngFDG
Twicelogo std.pngTwice nekoko,  Whaoo,  Ciuer,  Winter,  Dirt