Wolf (Neutral Monster)

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Gold Gain8 (+0.081)
Experience Gain25 (+0.32)
Health Mini Icon.png Health200 (+25)
MovementSpeed Mini Icon.png Movespeed443
AttackDamage Mini Icon.png Attack Dmg14 (+0.43)
AttackSpeed Mini Icon.png Attack Speed0.679
Range Mini Icon.png Range100 (guess)
Armor Mini Icon.png Armor6
MagicResist Mini Icon.png Magic Resist0
Initial Spawn2:05
Respawn Time0:50


A Wolf is a neutral monster that is found on both the Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline maps. It is described in-game as "A fast monster with an increased chance to critically strike its target." It can be found in groups of 2 with a Giant Wolf on both Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline.


  • On Summoner's Rift, the Wolf camp can easily be killed by the jungler after killing the Ancient Golem.
  • Due to the low health, armor, and magic resist the wolf camp can be easily farmed later in the game.

Patch History

  • Attack Damage increased to 14 from 8
  • Experience increased to 25 from 10
  • Gold increased to 8 from 4
  • No longer critically strikes


  • Spawn time increased to 2:05 from 1:55


  • Base health reduced to 200 from 300


  • Base Health reduced to 300 from 360
  • Health per minute increased to 25 from 16.5
  • Base Attack Damage reduced to 8 from 14
  • Attack Damage per minute increased to 0.43 from 0.286
  • Base Gold reduced to 4 from 5
  • Gold per minute increased to 0.081 from 0.054
  • Experience per minute increased to 0.32 from 0.2136
  • Movement Speed reduced to 443 from 510
  • Critical Strike damage reduced to 150% from 200%