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Background Information
NameVáclav Šrajer
Country of Birth
Czech Republic
Bot Laner
Favorite Champs

Competitive IDsWorstAdcWest, Venoušek
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2013 - Apr 2014
Storm Games Clanlogo std.pngStorm Games Clan
Apr 2014 - Oct 2014
ESubalogo std.pngeSuba
Sep 2014 - Oct 2014
Wizards e-Sports Clublogo std.pngWizards e-Sports Club
Nov 2014 - Dec 2014
Inside Gameslogo std.pngInside Games
Apr 2015 - Dec 2015
Fraternitaslogo std.pngFraternitas
May 2017 - Sep 2017
ESubalogo std.pngeSuba
Dec 2017 - Jan 2018
ESubalogo std.pngeSuba
Jul 2018 - Sep 2018
Team Furcalogo std.pngTeam Furca
Jul 2020 - Oct 2020
Cyber Gaminglogo std.pngCyber Gaming

Václav "WorstADC" Šrajer is a League of Legends esports player, previously bot laner for Cyber Gaming. He was previously known as WorstAdcWest and Venoušek.



Tournament Results[edit]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

WorstADC Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2020-08-093 Hitpoint Masters Season 14 Playoffs
3 : 1Team Sampilogo std.pngSMP
Cyber Gaminglogo std.pngCG odstranovac,  Lipanek,  Dread,  WorstAdc,  Zeussak,  Micro
2020-07-264 Hitpoint Masters Season 14
8 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Cyber Gaminglogo std.pngCG odstranovac,  SeMike,  Dread,  Lipanek,  WorstAdc,  Zeussak,  Micro
2020-05-31NQ Hitpoint Masters Season 14 Open Qualifier 2
0 : 1Logo std.pngGUDL
Logo std.pngLEGE Hroso,  dejv,  Odstranovac,  WorstADC,  Boka
2018-08-263 - 4 Hitpoint Masters Season 10 Playoffs
1 : 3ESubalogo std.pngESB
Team Furcalogo std.pngFA odstranovac,  Vinxen,  Rus0,  WorstADC,  Jejky
2018-08-093 Hitpoint Masters Season 10
3 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Team Furcalogo std.pngFA odstraňovač,  Jejky,  Vinxen,  RusO,  ordno,  WorstADC,  Vasked,  Viktorkaa
2018-07-15Q Hitpoint Masters Season 10 Qualifiers
3 : 1Logo std.pngNOTE
Team Furcalogo std.pngFA odstraňovač,  Jejky,  RusO,  WorstAdc,  Viktorkaa,  Vasked
2017-12-171 Hitpoint Masters Season 8 Playoffs
2 : 0Inside Gameslogo std.pngIG
ESubalogo std.pngESB Cekutka,  Jejky,  Humanoid,  WorstAdcWest,  Vasked
2017-12-081 Hitpoint Masters Season 8
6-1-0Blanklogo std.pngRR
ESubalogo std.pngESB Cekutka,  Jejky,  Humanoid,  Sheriff,  WorstAdcWest,  Vasked
2017-07-021 Hitpoint Masters Season 7 Playoffs
2 : 1Inside Gameslogo std.pngIG
ESubalogo std.pngESB odstraňovač,  Jejky,  Humanoid,  Neon,  WorstAdcWest,  Vasked
2017-06-271 Hitpoint Masters Season 7
5-2-0Blanklogo std.pngRR
ESubalogo std.pngESB odstraňovač,  Denyk,  Jejky,  Neon,  Humanoid,  WorstAdcWest,  Vasked




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