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Best Lee Sin NA Tournament/Donations

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The Best Lee Sin NA Tournament is a charity tournament which benefits charitable organizations, [1] with all the revenue from the tournament going to the Child's Play Charity. There will be two levels of endowment: a community donation pool and a philanthropic prize pool.

Donate To General Prize Pool That Goes To The Child's Play Charity!




Donor Amount
Kok Wah Lim $5.00
Agatha Baden $100.00
Cristian Acatrini $0.75
Jack Driver $1.00
Blake Menzies $5.00
Ward Nohavitza $50.00
Landon Zinda $5.00
David Adams $5.00
Ricardo Morerira de Silva $100.00
Andrea Carducci $5.00
Jordan Pulman $5.00
Tyler Rivinius $5.00
Vina Nguyen $10.00
LCH RaveN $5.00
Peter Nguyen $1.00
Gina Claxton $5.00
Thomas Huynh $1.00
Shayne Longshaw $5.00
Jake Mikosh $10.00
Gordon Allen $8.95
Christian Ebbesen $15.00
Karen King $5.00
Gregory DePace $5.00
TheGorgareous $5.00
Brian Klish $5.00
Christian Haba-Schneider $100.00
Chirag Patel $10.00
Tanner Westman $15.00


  1. For the purposes of this tournament, a charitable organization is defined as an organization which is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The selected charitable organization must be eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.