Wings of Aurora

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Team has disbanded.
Wings of Aurora
Wings of Auroralogo square.png
Team Information
Org LocationChina China

Wings of Aurora is a Chinese competitive League of Legends team.



  • 2013
  • 2012
  • December, Wings of Aurora forms a League of Legends team.[1]

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
China Zaii Hu Xiao (胡枭) 1Top Laner None
China YeSu Tang Sheng (唐圣) 2Jungler Tides of Timelogo std.pngTides of Time 1
China HaoKai Xiang Hao-Kai (向昊恺) 3Mid Laner Casterlogo std.pngCaster
China Ab Peng Bo (彭博) 4Bot Laner None
China damingge Ming Can (明灿) 5Support None
China Gj Xing Tian-Hao (刑天浩) 16Substitute None
China Century Zhang Jia-Wei (张嘉威) 5Support None
China Mortred Huang Zi-Kun (黄子坤) 3Mid Laner Qiao Gu Reaperslogo std.pngQiao Gu Reapers
China L1va Wang Fang (王放) 2Jungler None
China Yoyo He Jun-Jia (何俊佳) 1Top Laner None
China youmeng Dai Wen-Jie (戴文颉) 4Bot Laner None
China Coma Cheng Gong (程功) 2Sub/Jun None
China Bobo Gao Bo (高波) 5Sub/Sup None
China Yi Que Zi-Xiang (阙子翔) Top None
China Ciwei Ma Xiu-Cheng (马秀成) 1Top Laner None
China YOYO He Jun-Xi (何俊熙) 1Top Laner None
China RuoYi Yang Zhi-Peng (杨志鹏) 2Jungler None
China Blue Lan Zhan-Fei (蓝战非) 3Mid Laner YouLong Gaminglogo std.pngYouLong Gaming
China Maybey Gu Shen-Jie (顾申杰) 4Bot Laner None
China Gracey1n Zhang Xuan-Ming (张轩铭) 5Support None
China Pgggggg Lan Hao (蓝浩) 1Top Laner None
China Hensen Zhou Yu-Long (周雨龙) 2Jungler None
China ChouD1 Gan Jun-Jie (甘俊杰) 3Mid Laner WK.Pandalogo std.pngWK.Panda
China Wolf Yang Jiang (杨江) Support Vicilogo std.pngVici Gaming
China ATD Lei Huang (雷欢) 4Bot Laner None
China Luffy Mid None



ID Name Position
China HaoKai Xiang Hao-Kai (向昊恺) Coach

Tournament Results

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.
Wings of Aurora Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2015-03-2901702917 - 29Demacia Championship 2018.png Demacia Cup 2015 Spring
0 : 3Master3logo std.pngM3
2015-03-24bbbbbbNQLSPL logo Small.png LSPL 2015 Spring Relegation
0 : 2Energy Pacemaker.Alllogo std.pngEPA

2015-03-120040004LSPL logo Small.png LSPL 2015 Spring
0-0-6Blanklogo std.pngRR

2014-12-130090169 - 16Demacia Championship 2018.png Demacia Cup Season 2
0 : 2Oh My Godlogo std.pngOMG
2014-12-070050085 - 8Neso small.png NESO 2014
0 : 2EDward Gaminglogo std.pngEDG
2014-11-23bbbbbbNQLPL 2017 logo.png LPL 2015 Spring Promotion
0 : 2Team DKlogo std.pngDK

2014-08-140040004LSPL logo Small.png LSPL 2014 Summer
6-6-3Blanklogo std.pngRR
2014-08-0801502115 - 21XCS logo small.png X Championship Season I
0 : 1Invictus Gaminglogo std.pngiG
2014-04-2401300013LSPL logo Small.png LSPL 2014 Spring
3-4-8Blanklogo std.pngRR
2014-02-16aaaaaaQLSPL logo Small.png LSPL 2014 Spring Qualifier
2 - 1Blanklogo std.pngRR

Total Prize:

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